I’m a 32 year old travel writer and photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Born and raised in the US, I re-located to Copenhagen in 2011 to pursue a Master’s Degree and to experience what it is like to live and study abroad for an extended period of time.  I currently work as a Global Marketing Manager in the Advertising Technology industry, but have previous experience in Mergers and Acquisitions and Commercial Real Estate.  I am an avid photographer, videographer, writer, and have been dancing ballroom and latin avidly since 2004.  You can find a more in-depth resume here which includes my peer reviewed research, thesis, and work history. Curious about my Master’s Thesis? View it here.  It should be obvious, but just to be clear – please note that all opinions and content shared on VirtualWayfarer are representative of me and my personal opinions alone.


I’ve had the travel bug since before I could walk. By the age of two we had begun a yearly tradition which stretched well into my College Career. Once a year we would pack up and head across the border and into Mexico for several weeks at a time.

By 5th grade that wanderlust was securely cemented when we rented our house, packed a year’s worth of possessions into four bags and caught a plane to Europe. Once there we spent 11 months traveling by train, car, bus and boat. During that time I was travelschooled and quickly learned to love foreign cultures, history and the world at large.

After our return I spent a conventional year in school before we struck out once again, this time I spent 7th grade on the road. Instead of revisiting Europe we took our 32 foot fifth-wheel trailer and RV’d across the U.S.

I am a passionate traveler with perpetually itchy feet. I’ve currently set foot in 50+ countries across five continents and since College have tried and take at least two trips internationally each year. My preferred travel style is as a budget hostel/backpacker, a travel style which I find to be both enjoyable and extremely social.


August 1995 – July 1996

  • Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Monaco, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland

August 1997 – July 1998

  • The majority of the continental U.S., parts of Canada, Northern Mexico

May 2004 – June 2004

  • England, Scotland, Ireland

September 2007 – December 2007

  • England, Scotland, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Greece

December 2008

  • Spain

July 2009

  • Northern Ireland, Scotland

December 2009 – January 2010

  • Mexico, Belize, Guatemala

June 2010 – July 2010

  • Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Germany

December 2010 – January 2011

  • Argentina (layovers in Chile, Peru)

June 2011 – December 2011

  • Denmark (moved), Sweden, Hungary

January 2012 – December 2012

  • Turkey, Sweden, Dubai, Zambia, Czech Republic, Germany, Scotland, Italy, Canada

January 2013 – December 2013

  • Turkey, Austria, Scotland, Hungary, USA,  Belgium, Italy

January 2014 – December 2014

  • Ireland, Germany, Italy, Denmark

January 2015 – December 2015

  • Spain, England, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam

January 2016 – December 2016

  • Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Germany, Myanmar, Thailand, Finland, Iceland, Zanzibar, Tanzania

January 2017 –

  • Lithuania, China, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey


  • Hawaii, Alaska, Southern Mexico, Baja

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