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Welcome to VirtualWayfarer. As an active voice in the travel community, I am always available for press inquiries and welcome your outreach. I have done the gambit from radio interviews to industry expertise inquiries and more conventional Q&A sessions.  If you have a question, request or inquiry please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Latest Numbers and Figures (August 2017)

  • (last 30 days) – 4,700 sessions, 5,700 pageviews.
  • YouTube (last 30 days) – 22,500 views, 35,600 minutes watched | (lifetime) 1,410,800 views, 2,137,100 minutes watched
  • Roku (last 30 days) – 15,200 views
  • Flickr (last 30 days) – 59,000 views  | (lifetime) 4,204,000
  • Instagram – 38,000 followers
  • Twitter – 6,500 followers
  • Denmark 101 Podcast – 12,000 lifetime listens (excluding iTunes stats)

Press Trips

I’m always interested in potential opportunities to learn more about your region, city, or local destination.  I’m a US sojourner based out of Copenhagen, Denmark and as a result can easily cover most European destinations.   However, I’d also be thrilled to cover other non-European destinations.  This blog is about global travel and as a result I’m happy to explore opportunities anywhere in the world. My preferred mode of travel is solo-independent and my target demographic is 20-40 year olds. However, due to the photo and video centric nature of my content/current syndication agreements many of my readers come from the 40+ demographic and enjoy very mixed travel styles and approaches.  I’m very open to new experiences, and believe strongly that this blog is about showcasing those experiences, not conforming to a rigid identity or niche.

Public Relations & Product Proposals

I would love to work with your client – or, if I’m not the right fit make sure you find the blog and blogger who is.  I’m very relationship focused and am eager to develop long-term relationships with you and your brand. While I’m open to one-off collaborations, I’m also seeking more long-term partners interested in engaging on a re-occurring basis. If you or your Company are interested in arranging a special promotion, give away, or sample trip please keep in mind that all proposals should be relevant to this website and to my readers. I am open to product/trip/sponsored giveaways so long as the process is transparent, up front, and clearly identified.


This website offers a variety of on-site advertising opportunities.  If you would like to make a proposal, or request advertising options, fees and formats please contact me by e-mail.

Contact Information

Please direct your inquiries and proposals to alex /@/ or click here to send me an e-mail. Prefer social media? I am available and active on twitter as @AlexBerger.

Guest Lectures and Talks

Travel Massive Copenhagen – Meet the Bloggers

TravelTalks – Creating, Saving and Sharing Memories

Ignite Phoenix – The Art of Wayfaring

Ignite Phoenix – From Ballroom to Boardroom, Three Steps in the Right Direction

DIS – Travel Writing (Fall Semester, 2016)

DIS – Travel Writing  (Spring Semester, 2017)

DIS – Leadership Across Cultures (Fall Semester, 2016)

Press Clippings, Photo Usage & Mentions

Travel Related

National Geographic YourShot Feature – Final 20 – Parks & Wildlife Photo Assignment.

National Geographic Nordics – Photo of the month – Nordic photo competition.

National Geographic Nordics – Finalist for photo of the month – Nordic photo competition.

National Geographic YourShot – The end of the world photo by Alex Berger.

Daily Mail – Polar dancing! Play-fighting bears appear to perform waltz in front of amazed tourists on frozen tundra in Canada’s north.

Huffington Post Canada – Inspiring Photos From Around Canada That Will Make You Proud To Be Canadian. – Travel forms of ID.

AFAR – Complete Guide to Copenhagen.

Expedia UK – 72 Hours in Copenhagen.

Expedia UK – 72 Hours in Copenhagen (video).

Expedia Southeast Asia Quote – London Guide (quote).

TourRadar – Best “Incredible Photography” Travel Article.

P3 Danish Radio – Q&A for one of Denmark’s biggest morning shows. My answers/observations are in English, show is in Danish.

Colorado Public Radio – How Living At Altitude Can Help — Or Hurt — Your Life Span.

Success Magazine – Guest quote on success and life lessons.

Oxford University Press Blog – What five recent archaeological sites reveal about the Viking period. – A local’s guide to eating out on a budget in Copenhagen. – Autumn a great time to fall into a vacation deal. – Stories on Umbria – Journalism Award.

Video: Ignite Phoenix – Why you should travel alone.

The Local – How to take on the Danish winter like a true Viking. – The mystical Smoo Cave of Scotland. – Road trip through the beautiful ancestral territory.

Cosmopolitan Magazine – Blogville blogger.

Bored Panda – Feature on my series of traveling boot shots.

The Shared Desk Podcast – Episode 56: Your Friends & Family Are Not Your Fans (Nor Should You Plan for That)

World Travel Market Social Media Report: Denmark – The Blogger’s point of view/local expert.

World Travel Market Social Media Report: Spies – Sex sells holidays in social media, local expert.

The Voice Finland (English Google Translated Version) –  Cultural differences between the USA and Nordics. – Founding Members – Professional Travel Bloggers Association. – Copenhagen Denmark – A city of bicycles. – How to start a travel blog 4 easy steps. – A world of inspiration – Pay it forward. –  How to fall into a real travel bargain this year.

University Post – Nordic conversations are different.

University Post – Your first two months will define your study abroad.

University Post – Danish Culture: Denmark 101 video series.

University Post – Danish Culture: Denmark 101 video series follow up edition.

University Post – A hard look at how the Danish transit scheme is exploiting tourists.

University Post – Men, it’s long past time to study abroad.

University Post – Eating in Copenhagen on a student budget.

University Post – Guide: Where to eat in Copenhagen for less than 100 DKK. – 11 travel videos that rocked 2011.

Generator Hostels – Copenhagen’s Top 4 beaches by Virtual Wayfarer

Radio interview –  Portland’s AM860. – 5 free things to do in Copenhagen. – Sitting on the edge – The view from Preikestolen. – Top 100 Travel blogs. – Travel blog sites – The web’s best. – Round up of the inspiration blog posts. – Office Africa. – Virtual Wayfarer Highland Reflections travel photo. – Blogging with Boomer. – University of Copenhagen: Degree abroad program in English. – Oktoberfest 2010 – A holiday worth saving for. – Traveling with the Virtual Wayfarer. – Shiny travel objects. – Top awesome travel destinations by travel bloggers. – Travel blogger interview. – Maps that spark the imagination.

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Video: – How to pack a backpack for a hostelling trip.

Non-Travel Related (incl. photo mentions)

NiemanLab – What’s next for the team behind Syria Deeply? Arctic Deeply

NPR – Denmark’s Foreign Service Will Soon Send An Ambassador To The Tech World.

Business Insider – Russian scientists besieged by polar bears on a tiny Arctic island may not get help for ‘about a month’.

EarthTouch News Network – Climate Change Will Scramble Polar Bears’ Diets – And Eggs Aren’t The Solution.

EarthTouch News Network – BBC Film Crew Finds Its Cabin Raided By A Bacon-Loving Polar Bear (VIDEO).

The Parliament Magazine – MEPs adopt new veterinary medicine rules.

Futurity and University of York – For Vikings, lure of the raid went beyond the booty.

The Daily Climate – Polar bears weakened by pollution as well as warmth.

Mail & Guardian Africa – Your dreams were not valid in Africa until recently, but thankfully, fortunes are changing.

Next City – Even Copenhagen Makes Mistakes.

Payment Week – Denmark Pushes Forward with Cashless Payments. – ComCase Competition – Hall of fame.

Video: Ignite Phoenix – From Ballroom to Boardroom. – What’s on your bookshelf for 2014? – Comment: Don’t segregate me! – Comment: Don’t segregate me part 2. – Jeg vil gerne blive og arbejde i Danmark. – Don’t throw away your future. – Choosing a college major in the 21st century.

Asia Foundation – Understanding Justice and Myanmar’s Ethnic Armed Actors. – Youth Goodwill Ambassadors of Denmark – Fancy Danish smørrebrød.

Typepad.Bethsblog – Encouraging online participation – some tips from nonprofits. – Becoming learner centered.

**Readers should be aware that some of the links on this website are advertising, affiliate, and promotional in nature. Please use your best judgement when reviewing on-site links and should you have questions or concerns contact me directly.  I’ll be happy to respond to your inquiry in a timely fashion.  View my disclosure policy here.


  • Wendy Dembeck
    April 21, 2012

    Found you quite accidentally through flickr as I am updating my blogroll on Third Age Traveler. I’m going to add yours. It’s intriguing. I like your photos, and in general we are traveling in very different ways. I invite you to take a gander at mine too. Thanks for a good read.

    • Alex Berger
      April 23, 2012

      Welcome and thank you! Happy to take a peak at your site =)


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