If you’re a Dane, foreigner relocating to Denmark, or are just curious about Danish life, life lessons, and culture then make sure not to miss my Denmark 101 video and podcast series.

Denmark 101 is all about deep diving into Danish traditions, quirks, and the unique areas where Danes take innovative and inspirational approaches to common activities. The series is also about taking a positive but realistic approach to Denmark and works actively not to fall victim to the traditional annoying pitfalls of expat-generated cultural guides or whiny prolonged gripe fests. For that reason it was resonated heavily with Danes.

You’ll be able to find 50+ episodes on YouTube via this playlist:

I’n response to repeat requests, I’ve also used the audio from these videos and created a stand alone podcast, Denmark 101, which is available via iTunes Podcasts for free and via Libsyn for Android and desktop users.

iTunes Denmark 101 Podcast Link (iPhone)

Libsyn Denmark 101 Podcast Link (Android/Other)

I hope you enjoy and find the series interesting.  I initially created it with students and expats relocating for Study Abroad / Work in mind, but over time, it’s been clear that the primary audience is actually Danes eager to get fresh insights into their own culture and how things are done. Feedback as well as requests for new topics are always welcome!