While VirtualWayfarer is a globally focused travel blog, I’ve called Copenhagen home for more than 5 years. I’ve put together this dedicated page to help you navigate my Copenhagen and Denmark centered materials. Have questions or think something is missing?  Just ask! I’m always eager to field your questions.

Comprehensive Guides

While you won’t find a comprehensive guide to Copenhagen on VirtualWayfarer, I’ve written the following guides for major media partners.

The AFAR Guide To Copenhagen

Expedia’s 72 Hours in Copenhagen

Specific Advice

Want to browse articles on VirtualWayfarer I’ve written about Copenhagen? View them all.

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Denmark 101

One of my best received projects has been my Denmark 101 series where I break down and explore core realizations and commentary on Denmark, Danish culture, Copenhagen, and the Danes.  The series has received general praise for foreigners and Danes alike, with the most common point of distinction being my ability to unlock the core motivations and drivers at the heart of different Danish behaviors and activities. This has led many of the Danes who have viewed, liked, and shared the videos to note that it’s one of the few Expat-based series discussing the Danes that’s accurate, largely positive, and on point.

Jump to YouTube to view the Denmark 101 series which now consists of more than 35 videos and is constantly growing.

Danish Videos

In addition to my Denmark 101 series, I regularly post videos from and about Denmark. Sometimes these are simple uploads documenting daily life, other times they’re commentary, and others are more polished pieces. There are even a few salsa videos filmed here in Copenhagen during the cherry blossom period.  Jump to the playlist to check out the videos.

Photos of Copenhagen & Denmark

I photograph Copenhagen (and Denmark!) on a near-daily basis. The best of these shots end up on flickr spread across a number of different albums (see all of my flickr albums here). You’ll also find the more casual/daily shots, featuring HDR edits, on my Instagram @VirtualWayfarer.