The Polar Bear Throat Hold – Weekly Travel Photo

Wild Polar Bears in Churchill

Playing, fighting or somewhere in between?  That’s the question I found myself pondering repeatedly over the three days I spent on the frozen Canadian tundra just outside of the remote town of Churchill in central Canada.  Over the 72 hours we shared with the polar bears they put on great displays of physical strength while balancing them with awe inspiring shows of laziness and apathy that left me reminded of my cat, Riven. The bears periodically assumed a standing position for battles that tested their strength and allowed them to feel each other out in a mostly friendly atmosphere as they lounged along the partially frozen shores of Hudson Bay waiting….waiting…waiting for the temperature to drop and for the bay to freeze over completely. Once the waters freeze solid suddenly a frozen wonderland of snacks, treats, and fishing holes emerges which the the bears will explore during the winter’s cold, dark months.

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