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The Sound of Music, The Taste of Coffee and a Miniature Wonderland

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Coffee Tasting Alex Berger

It was the day after the Paris attacks and the world was still numb with shock. It was mid-afternoon after a fantastic day spent exploring and I found myself standing in the rain, surrounded by police officers, as a long procession of people made their way past. Despite the police, the mood was relaxed and positive. The protesters streaming ...

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A Weekend Getaway Spent in Hamburg

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Hamburg Chilehaus

As I felt gravity suddenly press against me, pinning me to my seat, I enjoyed one of my favorite sensations – the added G-forces that come during takeoff. From my seat on the isle I looked up the row, marveling as I always do at the steep vertical incline and picturing the sight of our mid-sized passenger jet launching itself ...

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A UNESCO Filled Return to Hamburg – Come Follow Along!

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Hamburg Photo by Alex Berger

In the midst of a beautiful hot, humid and record setting July in 2010 I found myself sitting on a sweltering trainĀ (inside a large ferry) headed across the channel from Denmark to Germany on my way to Hamburg. What followed was a very pleasant whirlwind tour through a city that struck me as being far more charming and rich in ...