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2016 – A Year of Travel In 65 Color Photographs

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Iceland Travel Boots by Alex Berger

In 2016 I catapulted across the 50 country mark with visits to several destinations that have captivated my imagination since I was a kid, but long sat neglected on my bucket list. The trips also included several very welcome surprises which reminded me that the more I travel the larger the world becomes and the more there is to explore ...

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A Day and a Half Spent Driving Snæfellsnes Peninsula in Photos

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Snæfellsnes Waterfall by Alex Berger

Is a four day solo road trip through Iceland enough to properly explore the country?

Absolutely not. But, it sure does make for one heck of a brilliant teaser.

My visit to Iceland’s Westfjords left off as I hopped the small car ferry from the Ferry Baldur terminal. The ferry took me across perfectly flat seas, stopped briefly at the ...

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The Beauty and Grace of Icelandic Horses

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Icelandic Horse by Alex Berger

Ahh yes, the Icelandic Horse. Famed for their beauty, their charm and their long-flowing majestic Fabio-esque locks. For years I’ve seen dramatic photos of Iceland’s famed horses cutting the most perfect poses. At times they’d feature wild eyes and a raw untamed beauty which seemed to practically whisper “Iceland”. Other photos feature raven colored locks blown by the wind and snow ...

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Friday’s Weekly Travel Photo – Horsing Around the Little Colorado

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Though its bigger brother the Grand Canyon gets all the attention, the Little Colorado, located just around the bend, has its own beauty and allure.  Today’s Friday photo was snapped at one of the overlooks along Highway 64, the Cameron to Grand Canyon ring road in Arizona.

The photo was taken as I paused at one of ...