Startled Lions – Weekly Travel Photo

Lions Started by Elephants - Chobe

While watching a small pride of young lion and lionesses relax in Chobe National Park, Botswana we were treated to an entertaining sight.  The ordinarily confident lions were brought to their feet and startled out of their lazy late afternoon naps when an ambling group of Elephants accidentally wandered into their midst.  While the elephants were somewhat alarmed and surprised it was the lions which found themselves giving way.  After a short, undignified sprint, the lions seemed to notice that we were all watching, slowed to a controlled amble and then plopped back down into the grass.  But, not before changing direction so that they could keep a close, if casual, eye on the elephants.

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Friday’s Weekly Travel Photo – Big Cats in Denmark

Copenhagen Zoo

Now, when you hear Denmark you probably don’t think “Lions”. I know for my part that I definitely didn’t. Which is why I was surprised during a visit to the Copenhagen Zoo to find a large, open enclosure full of a rather large extended family including a veritable army of small cubs. As the rainy day gave way to a beautiful fall day I snapped this photo of Dad and one of the moms relaxing in the sun together. I just love the colors in the photo, and that he appears to be sticking his tongue out at me.