Friday’s Weekly Travel Photo – Horsing Around the Little Colorado

The Little Colorado - Horses

Though its bigger brother the Grand Canyon gets all the attention, the Little Colorado, located just around the bend, has its own beauty and allure.  Today’s Friday photo was snapped at one of the overlooks along Highway 64, the Cameron to Grand Canyon ring road in Arizona.

The photo was taken as I paused at one of the small Indian jewelry stands that decorate the area.  Stiff from a few hours of driving I got out of the car to stretch my legs and check out the Little Colorado.  As I did I was greeted by these two curious individuals enjoying the view from their horse trailer. It would appear that these two horses found me even more interesting than one of Arizona’s natural wonders.  To think – I didn’t even get a chance to try out my, “So a horse walks into a bar…” jokes.  Perhaps it was for the best!

A Video Tour of Northern Arizona

If you’ve been following my recent posts exploring Northern Arizona, I hope you’ll take the time to watch the following videos. They contain excerpts shot during my trip through Flagstaff, up towards Cameron and Tuba City before striking back south across the desert to the Little Colorado and across to the Grand Canyon for a spectacular sunset.

Flagstaff, Northern Arizona and the Martian Landscapes of the Arizona Desert

The Little Colorado and  the Grand Canyon

Enjoyed these videos? Let me know what was your favorite part in a comment below.