African Sunset Over Samfya Lake – Friday’s Weekly Travel Photo

Sunset over Samfya Lake

Located in the northern part of Zambia there’s a lake that literally stretches beyond the horizon. It’s a shallow lake – often little more than four meters deep but that lack of depth does little to reduce its feel and character. In many ways it would be easy to confuse with an inland sea. Only this sea varies up to 1.5 meters in depth depending on if it is wet or dry season and is fresh water.

Our visit began late in the afternoon eager to catch the sunset after hearing that it was one of the must-see sights in the region. I’m glad we did. The Zambians had begun to burn a few weeks earlier and the sky was laden with a tolerable, but still visible, layer of smoke. The result was what you see in this photo – a sky on fire awash in rich oranges, reds, and golds. What you can’t see in this photo was the crescent moon and planet which were also brightly visible over the water during the last throes of the sunset. One of the things that really struck me was how the sky and water blended together. For about 20 minutes it was impossible to distinguish between where the calm-as-glass water met the sky….the only indications were the small boats which looked as though they were pushing their way across the clouds. A magical moment!

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