Friday’s Weekly Travel Photo – The Colored Streets of Malmo

The Streets of Malmo, Sweden

One of my favorite things about Scandinavia is the brightly colored houses.  With fairly uniform front facades the Scandinavians have added rich flavor and color to their cities in the form of multi-hued buildings.  While these streets are fantastic in the golden summer shades of early morning and late afternoon, anyone who has spent (dare I say survived?) a winter in Scandinavia will attest to the smile color brings to your face in the midst of a cold, dark, gray winter.  Though it obviously wasn’t overly cold, or dark during my February visit to Malmo, Sweden I was still thrilled to stroll down the city’s picturesque streets. The combination of well maintained buildings, clean cobblestone streets, hearty plants and bicycles – often in nearly as many colors as the buildings – definitely adds to the city’s charm.

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Friday’s Weekly Travel Photo – Golden Rays of Sunset in Malmo Sweden

Sunset Over Malmo

Located immediately across the channel from Copenhagen, it is easy for Malmo to slip beneath traveler’s radar. Often mistakenly hailed as little more than a suburb of Copenhagen, the city is Sweden’s third largest and boasts a rich culture of its own that is distinctly Swedish.  The city is well worth a visit, and should be given ample attention.  It is home to beautiful streets, aged buildings, and a wonderful cafe culture that many visitors fall in love with.  I captured this photo during an early sunset in late February, just in front of the Malmo’s central train station.  The golden hues of the sunset combined with the icy cold air and mixed clouds to create a vivid sunset that slowly transitioned through a wealth of amber and gold hues.

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