Malaga In January – A Pleasant Surprise

Seville, Granada, Cadiz … these are the cities that spring to mind when you talk about southern Spain in winter. Cities with rich architectural history, stunning old towns, vibrant cultural attractions and a charm guaranteed to steal your heart.  Malaga? Not so much. Unless, that is, you’re on the hunt for ugly cement resorts, overly crowded beaches, shady tourist restaurants, and an old city swallowed long ago by the forward march of industry and excessive tourism.  At least, that’s the Malaga I expected. My lazy Google pre-trip search did little to assuage my concerns. Photos from above showed me a modern city with beaches and a skyline marked by the jarring sight of ugly hotel elbowing its way in front of ugly hotel.  A perusal of a few top 10 things to do in Malaga lists further cemented my plan to use Malaga and more specifically its airport as a cheap way-station to get into and out of as quickly as possible.

Friday’s Weekly Travel Photo – A Game of Cat and Mouse

Late Night Wandering in Antalya

This week’s Friday Travel Photo comes from the ancient, winding streets of Antalya, Turkey. I captured this black and white photograph late at night while exploring the town’s old city. The beautiful, winding cobblestone streets serve as home to a number of well fed cats who can regularly be seen at play or stalking prey when not lazily napping the afternoon away.  This particular cat was plotting a bit of cat burglary, but decided against it as the gentleman in the photo rounded the corner.

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Monsoons & Tempe Town Lake

Tempe Town Lake - Alex Berger

The winds grow high; Impending tempests charge the sky; The lightning flies, the thunder roars; And big waves lash the frightened shores. – Matthew Prior

Last night the valley got its first real monsoon of the season. With howling winds, thunderous bolts of lightning, and rain that left a number of roads shut down overnight, it burst upon the valley and left us all splashing about in the warm rain and clean air.

After a small get together at my brother’s place where I weathered the worst of the storm, I headed down to Tempe Town Lake in the hopes of snapping a few fun shots, avoiding getting drenched, and playing with one or two newly discovered features on my camera.

Tempe Town Lake - Alex Berger

Tempe Town Lake - Alex Berger

Tempe Town Lake - Alex Berger

If you’d like to see full-sized versions of these images and others from the evening, they are available in the photography section of my website.  Click here for a direct link. All photos were shot on a Canon G7. The shots in this post were taken with a small portable tripod and 2-15 second exposure times.