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Denmark 101 – Are Danes Rude? – Episode 5

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Denmark 101 are Danes Rude

A common complaint from tourists and recently arrived expats is Danish rudeness when it comes to navigating city streets. More specifically, that Danes will bump into you in passing but fail to apologize or comment.

While this obviously depends on the severity of the accidental bump, it is something I’ve heard commented on repeatedly. But, is it actually due to ...

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Denmark 101 – Shopping Culture and How To Piss Off A Dane – Episode 2

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Denmark101-How to Piss Off Danes

In this discussion I explore Danish cultural norms and protocol using the supermarket example (and confirm it) which has gone viral around the web. What’s one surefire way to piss off Danes?  Watch and find out.

Denmark and its residents are a fascinating group. In this video series I’ll be leveraging my observations and research to share with you ...