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The Nearly Perfect 10 Day Trip to Myanmar – Leg 2: Bagan

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The Ruins of Bagan by Alex Berger

Sadly, due to recent events, I’m adding this note and suspending the series before completing Part III. In October and November 2016, an increase in violence in the northern regions has led to a number of village burnings and significant loss of life. As a result, I encourage anyone considering a visit to research events and the current status before ...

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Crash Course Advice For Travel Photography

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A huge chunk of the travel photos I see on a daily basis are horrible. Not just amateur shots from friends and strangers, but also from semi-professional travel bloggers and established travel brands.  It always amazes me how many photos are horribly grainy, low resolution, blurry, crooked or nonsensical.

There’s a reason that people dread that moment ...