Use Exciting History Podcasts To Revolutionize Your Travel

Exciting history podcasts. That’s right. I used those three words in one sentence without a hint of sarcasm or satire. They’re few and far between, but they do exist and holy smokes will they surprise you and revolutionize how you understand world history and the destinations you’re visiting.

Unless you were a history major (and even then), chances are good that you haven’t done a deep dive into a specific region or civilization’s history since you were a kid.  The history you got as a kid was useful, but also likely full of holes and deeply biased. Upon landing in a new city, it’s common to do a very shallow and cursory dive into the city/country/region’s history but that rarely goes beyond “This wall was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 122 AD.”  Who was Hadrian?  Where does he fit in the greater Roman history?  Why was he building a wall? Who the hell knows. For most of us those are the mysteries that are lost to time – both in the sense that even if we did know the answers we likely forgot them, and if we didn’t …. well, time is precious and even those of us with a desire to read historical texts like Meditations or in-depth period histories rarely find (or make) the time for them.

Changes & New Features

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Audio: Changes & New Features

I’m thrilled to announce a number of changes.  Some are fairly small others are major. All should improve the usefulness of the site and make your life easier.  Have no fear the content and blog focus will remain the same, as will all of your old links.

Name Change

This blog, formerly is now The change is live and you won’t need to change any of your bookmarks or update any of your links.  All of your old links should re-direct to the new domain.

Why the change? I feel that the new name is more appropriate, easier to remember, a better fit for the material I cover, and lacks those pesky -‘s making it simpler to type!

Audio Tab

As a follow up to the ability to stream audio versions of many of my blogs, I have added the “Audio” link at the top of the page, next to the About and Photography sections.  This page has direct links to the .mp3 files the site uses.  Interested in listening to my posts while away from your computer?  These .mp3 files can be downloaded and used just like music and most podcasts on your ipod and mobile .mp3 players.

You can also download the posts and play them in your favorite media player for offline & off site listening.

Layout Changes

I have made several changes to the sidebar to make it more user friendly and added several options to improve functionality.

The search bar is now located at the very top. No more scrolling, no more hunting for it.

The old “data” field has been re-labeled “feeds” and moved near the top.

  • The RSS feed now has a button.
  • You can now add the site to your iGoogle & Google bookmarks with the click of a button.
  • RSS Comments, XFN, and another useless button are gone.
  • Added a direct favorite link for Technorati.

As always I value your thoughts and feedback.  Features you’d like to see? Changes?  Suggestions? Please let me know in the comments section!

Also, a huge thank you to Glenn Jimmerson for his help with this change and other advanced coding/SEO aid!