New Blog Feature!

*EDIT* I’ve updated the “Feeling Lazy?” text with an embedded flash player to make listening easier. Please note that the audio version of this post does not reflect this change.

Intro Audio

Hello all, I’m thrilled to announce a new addition to the site. In an effort to continue to expand the usability of the blog while taking full advantage of available technology I’ve made the decision to offer audio versions of my posts. The audio is in .mp3 format and can be streamed off of the site and/or downloaded.  While I’ll most likely add a master library later down the road, the audio versions of my blog posts are currently only accessible from the actual blog posts themselves.  If there is an audio version of the post available you should see the “Feeling lazy?  Listen to this post.” text before the start of the post.  Simply click the link and the file should open in your default audio player.

Since this is something new, and fairly different than standard blogging practice I’d appreciate your feedback.  Please post it as a comment in response to this thread.  Did the audio work? Were you satisfied with the quality? Will you be using the audio versions?  Other thoughts and feedback?