Four Beaches to Visit in Copenhagen During Summer

Summer has arrived in Copenhagen and it is glorious! It may lack the scorching heat or consistent sunshine of more southern climates, but it brings with it a fragile northern beauty only made possibly by its contrast with Denmark’s long dark winters. Where other regions throughout the world take summer for granted, the Danes relish it and throw themselves into the country’s long summer days with near reckless abandon. Work grinds to a halt, the parks overflow with people, and the city’s open spaces are overwhelmed by a tidal wave of sun-burned, partially-clad Danes often found with a disposable BBQ, six pack of cold Carlsberg, and a beaming smile. This sight is usually set to the soundtrack of local Danish artists blasted from modified Christiania bikes with full speakers and sound systems (sometimes even a DJ turntable) jury-rigged precariously atop three standard bike wheels.

Friday’s Weekly Travel Photo – A Lazy Turkish Cat

Sunbathing Cat in Southern Turkey

I’ve always felt like we should look to cats for lifestyle inspiration.  After all, as a human walking through a back alley in a small Turkish town near the ruins of Myra it’s easy to notice a junk’d car and either ignore it, or grumble about it being ugly litter. For a cat, on the other hand, it’s a warm place to relax and enjoy the weather…and this wasn’t just any weather.  It was a small window of warmth and sunshine just after some of the worst weather Turkey had seen in more than 25 years.  So, when you find yourself out and about, remember to take some time to pause and bask in the warmth and beauty of the moment. After all, you never know when some annoying tourist (or other life challenge) is bound to amble by, decide they need a photo and rouse you from your blissful reverie!

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