A Lion Cub’s Ferocious Yawn – Friday’s Weekly Travel Photo

Lion Cubs Playing at Sunset

There was a brief moment of hesitation. A quizzical look flashed across his furry face and then it started. His nose twitched. His ears circled slightly and then his mouth exploded open in a giant lion sized yawn. Only, he wasn’t a full sized lion yet. No, he was just a lion cub and as he yawned his tongue rolled free of his mouth leaving him temporarily in the most awkward of poses – a mixture between ferocious lion, tired house cat, and silly youth. That’s when I pressed down the trigger and snapped my photo.

This photo was taken just before sunset in South Luangwa National Park in northern Zambia. I was on tour with the amazing folks at Shenton Safaris when we stumbled upon a group of lion cubs relaxing in the late night sun. They tolerated our presence and lazily watched us as we quietly, but far more intently, watched them.

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