A Blogger in Antarctica and Upcoming Trip Contest

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An Antarctic Adventure

Two fun updates to share with you all.  First and foremost blogger Gary Arndt who authors the travel resource/blog Everything-Everywhere has thrown his hat into the Quark Expeditions Antarctic Expedition competition.  The competition is the latest in a series of fantastic travel competitions that have hit the web. The tag line for the competition is, “Blog your way to Antarctica: Travel on a $20,000 expedition for free!” and I can’t think of anyone more qualified for the job (except perhaps, myself – but I’m not applying!).  Gary has been wandering the world since March 2007 and done a beautiful job chronicling his adventure, sharing his stories and offering advice, tips and fun contests to his readers.

So, I highly encourage you all to take 2 minutes – click this link – complete the super quick sign up and cast your vote for Gary! Also, make sure to take a few minutes and check out his blog as well.  He has some truly incredible photos and videos from around the world which promise to captivate your imagination and leave your feet tingling!

The Big Trip

On a similar note, I was just made aware of an up and coming contest which you all might be interested in applying for. With a November deadline it has been titled “The Big Trip” – similar in concept to Australia’s “Island Reef Job/Best Job in the World” the contest serves as a job application for a 15 week “job” in Spring, 2010 touring the United States with a $50,000 budget. The competition just launched recently and they’re still fleshing out the website – but it should be a great opportunity.  Learn more at TheBigTrip.com.

Aware of other/similar competitions?  Post a comment with a link!

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