A Crash Course In Danish New Years Eve Traditions

Posted on / by Alex Berger

Danish New Years Eve traditions are fun, exciting, and differ a bit from what you might find in the US, UK, Spain and other countries globally. In this episode of Denmark 101 and in preparation for tonight’s festivities, I put together a quick overview with the goal of answering some of the questions I had when I first arrived in Denmark. If you’re Danish, give it a watch and let me know how I did.  If you’re foreign and this is your first New Years Eve in Denmark, then you can treat it as a guide to what to wear, what to expect, and how to pace and plan your evening…including what to avoid!

Have a safe and wonderful New Years and to the Danes in the group, godt nytår! Don’t forget you can watch my entire Denmark 101 series here.

Alex Berger

I am a travel blogger and photographer. I also am involved in academic research into the study abroad and backpacker communities.

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