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As many of you are aware in addition to blogging about my personal travel experiences, musings and adventures here on VirtualWayfarer I have a long standing commitment to helping my fellow travelers as they prepare for their own adventures.  The drive to pay-it-forward has led me to present on solo travel as part of Ignite Phoenix as well as to start the Ultimate Packing List and Travel Resource List.  I also spend a few hours a week responding to people’s questions on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Boots n’ All.   Keeping in the spirit of those projects I’m thrilled to announce my latest one:  Travel Answers on YouTube!

Youtube offers a wealth of information on topics such as home workouts, the origin of words, how to tie a tie, astrophysics and of course how to do your makeup.  However, one area that hasn’t been covered is travel. Until recently if you were to turn to it with questions about travel you’d have been sadly disappointed. I hope to change that with the launch of the new channel.

The concept is simple.  Users with travel questions post them as a comment on the channel or submit the question by e-mail.  I sort through the questions and answer them in a 4-6 minute video response.

The video that follows is an example of my recent response to the question, “For the financially strapped traveler in which country can one stretch their money the furthest”.

So far the project has received a warm welcome and I’ve already responded to several fantastic questions. My goal is to post several answers a week.  Have on you’d like to ask?  Don’t wait, head on over and ask it! While you’re there if you like the project please consider subscribing to the youtube channel and sharing it with friends and fellow travelers!

Safe travels and open roads!

Alex Berger

I am a travel blogger and photographer. I also am involved in academic research into the study abroad and backpacker communities.

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