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Berlin - City Graffiti

Berlin is famous for the graffiti along the Berlin Wall. Beyond that though, it has also fostered a graffiti culture across a many parts of the city.  Situated just off of Alexanderplatz/Hackescher Markt station is a small side alleyway full of graffiti, bicycles and small alternative shops.  One such shop is situated on the second floor at the end of the alleyway.  As we made our way into the stairwell and started heading upwards this was a sample of the sight that met us.  It’s a fascinating mixture of graffiti, plastered print work, and marker scribblings all in one giant and spectacularly chaotic jumble.  While it is without question somewhat grungy, it has a certain charm to it that wins you over and creates an incredible ambiance. After, that is, you get over the impulse to run away fearful that you’re surely about to be mugged.  The sheer amount of graffiti is what takes what would be a casual annoyance, and turns it into a work of a-typical art.

Have you explored some of Berlin’s graffiti alley and stairwells? Many are as, if not more, charming than the recently re-painted and well manicured sections of the Berlin Wall that most tourists see.

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