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Dubai’s Historic Estuary – Friday’s Weekly Travel Photo

Posted on / by Alex Berger

Water Taxis in Dubai

Gentle waves rocking old Dhous as they line historic quays. The soft sound of bare feet on salt cured wood as old deck hands wander from sliver of shade to sliver of shade. The muttering putter of over-sized and oft-repaired engines pushing flat topped estuary taxis from shore to shore. The occasional -click- of camera shutters quickly capturing the moment. The metallic clink of 1 Dirham coins in an old metal box…the humble fare (about 27 US Cents) charged to pile onto a tiny barge with a long central seat and no railing. A brief five minute water taxi ride across an estuary alive with small craft and stoic people. Sweltering heat and humidity.  These are the images and sensations that surrounded my recent visit to the Dubai Estuary.  This photo captures unused water taxis lined up, waiting for their captains.

If you find yourself in Dubai, make sure to set aside the time to escape the towering skyscrapers and endless malls.  Sneak your way through the winding warrens that mark the old souks, and then enjoy a quick water taxi ride across to the other side of Old Dubai.

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