Elephants Feeding – Weekly Travel Photo

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Elephant Herd - South Luangwa - Zambia

Wild elephants are incredible creatures.  They are intelligent, curious, and have a certain personality to them that conveys a compassionate spirit.  Their relationships with other members of their herd, and their young in particular, offers insights into the emotional bond they share with each other.  It also doesn’t take long to see just how different their personalities can be.  While they may look like large, gray, animals relatively difficult to tell apart – they are each unique.   From the fearful child to the rambunctious teenage male and powerful-aged matriarch they remind me in many ways of humans.

This photo was captured in South Luangwa National Park in the heart of Zambia.  You’ll note the calf which is feeding.  Elephants share several surprising traits with us.  One is that their front legs are actually arms that bend at the elbow. The other is that they have two mammalian breasts located on their chests vs. the more common teats or udder you find on the vast majority of other mammals.

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  • Sarah
    February 26, 2015

    Amazing photo, elephants are simply awesome!
    Thanks for sharing.




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