Friday’s Weekly Travel Photo – A Danish Windmill in Snow

Posted on / by Alex Berger

Copenhagen in Winter

The historic Kastellet military fortification is located in the heart of central Copenhagen. The fortification is hailed as one of the best protected fortifications in Europe and in its heyday connected to the series of ramparts which encircled the historic city and protected it from invaders. While the Kastellet fortification is fascinating and dates back to 1624, what’s more important for the sake of this post is the Windmill situated within the fortress’ sloped earthen walls. This windmill was built in 1847 and replaced a previous windmill that had stood in the same spot for over a hundred years. Unbelievably, the windmill is still working, though it was closed for the winter during my visit.  This photo showcases leftover snowfall, the windmill and one of the city’s many cathedrals in the background on the opposite side of the fortress’s moat.

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  • A Montrealer Abroad
    May 4, 2012

    Beautiful – I find myself really drawn to black&white lately, and this is a perfect example!

    • Alex Berger
      May 4, 2012

      Thank you! I recently started doing more Black and White photography and am loving the results! Some photos are just much, much better in B&W!


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