Life Abroad a Dhow in Dubai – Weekly Travel Photo

Posted on / by Alex Berger
A Resident in Dubai who lives on a Dhow

Much of what we see about Dubai focuses on the flash, the glamour, and the city’s opulence. Yet, that is only possible because of the tens of thousands of working class folks who brave Dubai’s scorching heat and brutal humidity on a daily basis, all in the hope of scraping together just enough money to survive on.  These folks are often hidden from sight as locals and tourists alike frequent the city’s grand malls, wide boulevards, and awe-inspiring structures. Despite being nearly invisible these hidden people are the foundations upon which the city survives and thrives.

I love this shot I captured along Dubai’s estuary near the historic souks (marketplace) in part because it highlights the city’s contrasts.  In the background you can see the polished architecture and high fences of a fancy waterfront structure while in the foreground the scene is of an old man working on a repair project aboard the oft-repaired and obviously time worn Dhow (type of ship) that he calls home. While the grandeur of the city’s architectural creations was impressive, it was the faces and work-worn hands of its inhabitants that truly captured my imagination and resonated with me.

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