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Dog Sledding in Churchill

When the news arrived that I had won a trip from Denmark to the sleepy town of Churchill, which sits nestled along the banks of the Hudson bay in central Canada, I was excited and unsure what to expect.  A few weeks later I found myself standing astride a dog sled as a pack of extremely well cared for, energetic, and absolutely lovable sled dogs eagerly pulled us across an old dirt road covered in the first snow of the year.  The skies were a gorgeous blue while at times sun dogs could be seen as sunlight reflected off of ice in the atmosphere.  The actual experience of dog sledding was fascinating.  The dogs are incredibly graceful, playful, and so skilled at what they do that mid-stride it is not uncommon to see them play around or scoop up a mouthful of fresh snow. The experience of sliding across the snow on the sled is also on par with that of skiing.  Much quieter, smoother, and more graceful than I ever would have imagined.

If you have the chance to try dog sledding make sure you research the provider you’ll be using to ensure they treat the dogs well. Once you’ve done your research, go for it! It is a fun experience that is quite unique!

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