Polar Bears and Lunar Sunsets – Friday Travel Photo

Polar Bears in Churchill

There are moments while traveling that stay with you. When the magic of the experience infuses itself into the very essence of you who are. As I sat bundled beneath five layers of clothing, staring out the window of a Tundra Buggy on the rural Canadian tundra in northern Manitoba just outside Churchill I was able to experience one such moment.  The evening had been mostly cloud-free, the brilliant light of a full moon reflecting off of the frozen lakes and snow covered tundra that surrounded our mobile lodge.  As the sun began to work its way over the far horizon, the moon slowly began to slip away over the ocean.

It was a magical moment that lasted mere minutes.  Even if it had only been a matter of watching the two orbs reflecting each other’s light it would have been a special sight to see.  But, in a stroke of brilliant luck, we found a large, beautiful polar bear relaxing near the lodge.   With numb noses, and half-frozen fingers we found ourselves watching the moon set behind her bathed in the soft hues and gorgeous tones of a brilliant dawn.

I’ll never forget the sight of the polar bear as she relaxed, looking at us as she debated rising to start her day. The trip was organized by Frontiers North and through the Canadian Tourism Commission as part of the spectacular trip I won at the Travel Bloggers Unite Conference. If you have the opportunity to do a Polar Bear safari I highly suggest it.  They are amazing creatures and the opportunity to see them in their native/wild habitat is an incredibly special experience.

Would you like to see previous Friday Photos? View past travel pictures here. This photo was taken on a Canon T3i (600D) Camera using a Canon IS 55-250mm lens.


Alex Berger

I am a travel blogger and photographer. I also am involved in academic research into the study abroad and backpacker communities.


  1. Deborah Sonsays:

    What a breathtaking moment you managed to capture! Your trip sounded amazing.
    Deborah Son recently posted..Frankenstein Cookie

  2. Wow Alex, it’s hard to believe that moments like this can be captured. I can’t imagine all the struggle to come to this one photo.

    If I were a Photo Association I would give you 1st prize!
    Flavio – New York Ando recently posted..5 formas básicas de ahorro en Nueva York

    • Thanks Flavio! It was definitely one of those moments where you can’t help but pinch yourself in disbelief!

  3. Debbiesays:

    Stunning photo. Your trip sounds amazing!
    Debbie recently posted..Wild Cat Species Of South Africa: Through Our Lens

    • Thank you so much! Really appreciate it! It was a magical experience. The timing of it all just came together beautifully and the bears went out of their way to spoil us. Some more photos should be surfacing soon – I hope you’ll stay tuned! Love your stuff BTW!

  4. What an awesome shot! Along with sharks and tigers, polar bears are on my bucket list for animals I most want to see in the wild. And what a sunset to go with it!
    Escapnig Abroad recently posted..Saint Francis Cathedral – Santa Fe

    • Yeah, a Shark Cage dive is definitely on my list of things to do! I had the chance to swim with nurse shark sin Belize which isn’t the same, but which was still amazing! The chance to see the polar bears was a really incredibly one. They are fascinating animals that I have always wanted to see. The best part for me was that the trip cemented my curiosity and love from them instead of satiating it.

  5. Truly beautiful photo, Alex. I will always be fascinated by the polar bear.

  6. So jealous about your trip, this picture is spectacular!

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