Polar Bears Touching Noses – Weekly Travel Photo

Posted on / by Alex Berger

Wild Polar Bears in Churchill

Not only is this week Polar Bear Week, it’s also getting pretty darn cold here in Denmark. So, for today’s Friday Photo I’ve selected these two polar bears giving each other a playful nose nuzzle mid-fight. Luckily the “fight” was just for fun and to fill a quiet afternoon!  Watching the bears interact and play fight it’s easy to see why native populations believed the bears were people wearing bear suits.  The bear’s elegance and surprising ability to stand, walk and fight upright has a very human feel to it!

This photo was taken in Wapusk National Park just outside of the town of Churchill in Manitoba, Canada.  I snapped it as part of a three day Tundra Buggy Tour with Frontiers North Adventures during which we had the chance to enjoy the polar bears relaxing, playing, eating, and generally wandering around exercising their limitless curiosity.

Would you like to see previous Friday Photos? View past travel pictures here. This photo was taken on a Canon T3i (600D) Camera using a Canon IS 55-250mm lens.

Alex Berger

I am a travel blogger and photographer. I also am involved in academic research into the study abroad and backpacker communities.


  • Jennifer
    November 16, 2012

    Great shot! The polar bear is my favorite animal and although my trip to Svalbard was unsuccessful in the polar bear sighting department, I am not giving up my quest to see them in the wild.

  • Skiorganizers
    November 18, 2012

    This is so cute 😀

  • Vanessa @ Green Global Travel
    June 13, 2014

    Even though it’s in the middle of a playful fight, it also looks like a polar bear couple getting close! I can see what you mean with how the way they stand has a human feel to it. Only makes me want to head north, especially since it’s summer. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Alex Berger
      June 16, 2014

      Yup, they still drew a little blood. Thanks for the comment Vanessa =)


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