So It Begins

Posted on / by Alex Berger

It’s 10:00PM, my flight leaves at 10:20AM from Phoenix Sky Harbor, I’m sitting at a computer in Prescott, AZ and should probably be in bed trying to sleep. Instead I’m finishing up everything I’m waiting on laundry and finishing up all the odds and ends that almost slipped through the cracks. From Phoenix I’ll fly to Atlanta where after a 3 hour layover I’ll transfer to another Delta flight and fly directly to Edinburgh Scotland. It’s funny really, the thing I’m worried most about isn’t flying on Sept. 11th, it’s getting stuck next to someone I don’t want to sit next to. Go figure huh?

Once I arrive in Edinburgh I have a reservation for at least 2 nights at the Castle rock Hostel which is located just off of the Royal Mile (historic down town/castle/heart of the city). If the hostel checks out my plan is to extend until I can jump on an extended 5 day tour that uses a small 16 person bus, caters specifically to backpackers, and which travels all over Scotland – from the Highlands to Sterling to the Isle of Sky.

Laundry’s done, time to go! Wish me luck. Hopefully the next time you hear from me i’ll be typing with a Scottish accent!

So It Begins!

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