Cameron Trading Post – Weekly Travel Photo

The sound of sun-scorched Arizona soil crunching beneath your boots is a unique one. There’s just something about how millennium of sweltering heat, clay, sandstone, and tumbleweed roots come together to give it that special sound. It’s no coincidence that when the time comes to prepare for the next mission to Mars or shoot a space odyssey all directors turn to the same part of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah for testing and filming

Friday’s Weekly Travel Photo – Reflecting at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon - Exploring Arizona

One of the perks of living in Arizona for years was relatively easy access to the Grand Canyon.  This shot was taken during a weekend trip from Phoenix, up to Flagstaff and then on to the Grand Canyon where I relaxed until the sun set.  This photo is from the south rim where we paused and relaxed soaking up the afternoon’s warm rays. The Grand Canyon is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World – and rightfully so.  In all of my travels I’ve never seen another natural formation quite like it. When you have the opportunity to visit I highly recommend arriving in the afternoon and giving yourself time to watch the sun set over the canyon.  It is mystical.

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A Video Tour of Northern Arizona

If you’ve been following my recent posts exploring Northern Arizona, I hope you’ll take the time to watch the following videos. They contain excerpts shot during my trip through Flagstaff, up towards Cameron and Tuba City before striking back south across the desert to the Little Colorado and across to the Grand Canyon for a spectacular sunset.

Flagstaff, Northern Arizona and the Martian Landscapes of the Arizona Desert

The Little Colorado and  the Grand Canyon

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