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The sound of sun-scorched Arizona soil crunching beneath your boots is a unique one. There’s just something about how millennium of sweltering heat, clay, sandstone, and tumbleweed roots come together to give it that special sound. It’s no coincidence that when the time comes to prepare for the next mission to Mars or shoot a space odyssey all directors turn to the same part of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah for testing and filming

It’s not the type of place I’d ever dream of living in. Or even of staying in for more than a day or two.  Yet, there is an other-worldly beauty that captures the imagination while quite literally grilling the body which leaves a lasting impression on most visitors to Arizona’s vast open desert plains. I snapped this photo at the Cameron Trading Post. A famous oasis in the desert which sits beside a dusty old canyon where an ancient river spends most of its time hiding beneath the earth. Unless, that is, a rare monsoon has struck the area in a noble, if feeble, attempt to bring it back to life.  The trading post sits along Highway 89 and is a cornerstone of any trip to Lake Powell or the Grand Canyon.  The moment captured in this photo came from one such trip, where we’d made the decision to take a day-trip from nearby Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon in the hope of enjoying a fiery sunset from the edge of one of the world’s natural wonders. Not a bad spot for a quick rest ehh?

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