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Video Blogging Tanzania’s Incredible National Parks and My Safari Experience

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Tanzania Elephant AlexBerger

For this year’s extended winter trip I found a great price on airfare from Copenhagen to Dar Es Salaam.  Even though I was a bit unsure on what the weather would be like (would it be rainy? Did I need to watch out for malaria? Had I already missed the flamingos and the great migration?) I did a little added ...

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A Day and a Half Spent Driving Snæfellsnes Peninsula in Photos

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Snæfellsnes Waterfall by Alex Berger

Is a four day solo road trip through Iceland enough to properly explore the country?

Absolutely not. But, it sure does make for one heck of a brilliant teaser.

My visit to Iceland’s Westfjords left off as I hopped the small car ferry from the Ferry Baldur terminal. The ferry took me across perfectly flat seas, stopped briefly at the ...