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For this year’s extended winter trip I found a great price on airfare from Copenhagen to Dar Es Salaam.  Even though I was a bit unsure on what the weather would be like (would it be rainy? Did I need to watch out for malaria? Had I already missed the flamingos and the great migration?) I did a little added research and then decided to go for it. Initially I was torn – should I try and use one of the local budget airlines to jump down to South Africa or up to Kenya? Or should I just give it a go and stick to an extended safari and then some beach time in Zanzibar. Ultimately I opted for around 23 days in Zanzibar and Tanzania in mid-late December.

My final schedule took me CPH -> Istanbul -> Dar -> Kilimanjaro Airport. From there it was onto a local bus which continued on to Arusha where I had a quick overnight. Then I met up with Stewart from Fed Tours and Safaris, the Safari Company I had chosen to do a collaboration with based, in part, on existing recommendations by fellow photographer Mikkel Beiter.  With Stewart and our cook William I spent the next 9 days on an incredible safari experience. The safari took us from Arusha to Tarangire National Park, then from there across country and past numerous Maasai Maasai weekly markets and along the Great Rift Valley up to Lake Natron where we overnighted.  After searching for Flamingos and a spectacular sunrise which included a swim in a series of waterfalls, it was onward to the Serengeti’s small and remote North Gate. From there we spent 4 days in a campground in the very heart of the Serengeti before heading to Ngorongoro Crater to camp on the rim, looking out over the crater before spending our final morning driving Ngorongoro National Park where we looped back to Arusha. From Arusha I spent a day relaxing then caught a flight Arusha -> Stone Town in Zanzibar where I spent the remaining 11 or so days.

What you’ll find in the following videos are my raw, un-cut, un-edited vlogs taken each day in real time as I progressed through my Tanzania experience. In total there are 26 videos, most of which are less than 2 minutes which I’ve compiled in chronological order in the attached playlist. Towards the end you’ll find reflections and some added safari advice.  I’ll also be adding additional posts which will include a more polished wrap-up of the incredible sights, animals and experiences I had during the trip.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to pick a safari and safari destination, I’ve prepared this extensive write-up on must know things to do. Issues viewing or loading this video?  Jump over to YouTube for the full playlist [here].

*Disclaimer* As part of my safari preparation, I chose Fed Safaris based on their reputation for excellence. Once selected, I received compensation/sponsored rates in exchange for documenting my real, unfiltered, and completely independent experiences during the 9 day safari experience.  

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