Why Scotland Is Europe’s Must See Destination [Video]

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Scottish Traffic Jam

Europe is a wealth of gorgeous destinations. To pick one as a favorite is impossible and yet, there is one country I find myself returning to over and over. It is an addiction, and one which I gladly embrace. Out of all of the countries in Europe, the natural beauty of Scotland’s north western coast is hands down my favorite when it comes to breathtaking natural beauty, magical moments, and that sense of wonder that pulls you from reality and transports you into a series of moments that invigorate and inspire you. It’s also home to the best fish and chips in the world.

The Scotland Road Trip Map
The route, color coded by day, I took during my road trip through the Highlands.

The above map highlights the route I took during my road trip through Scotland.  The trip occurred in August, and as a result the weather was warm, but not terribly damp. As an added bonus the hills were covered in blooming flowers and the subtle purple hue of blooming heather.  I’ve combined my footage from the trip into this brief 2:40 video.  Enjoy the view as I wander through the Scottish highlands past incredible castles, dramatic Scottish lochs, and face off with sheep in a game of rural chicken.

Questions about the trip?  I’d love to answers them!  Have a favorite story from your own visit to Scotland?  Do share in a comment!

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  • Cristina Jones
    January 20, 2014

    I have one question for you. What kind of camera did you use to record your video? I really like the quality!

  • lucy @
    February 15, 2014

    Beautiful! So this was a 6 days trip? Was it enough or would you recommend more/less for a first-time visit to Scotland?

    • Alex Berger
      February 16, 2014

      That it was! I’d suggest another 2-3 days. I was able to do it, but it was pretty tight and I wasn’t able to go as slowly as I wanted. I could have easily spent another day on Skye. If you wanted to really get into it, you could add another 4-5 days and do Lews/Harris or the Orkneys as well. Weather can be a primary factor as well…driving all day isn’t much of a bother if it is dreadful, but if it is brilliant outside you’ll really want to stop for some hikes, walks, and to explore side roads and rural lanes. Driving, especially along that part of the NW coast is just a pure joy because the road is so tiny and fun.

      • lucy @
        February 18, 2014

        Ok that’s great, so I take it the more time you have the better! Orkney Islands seems amazing so definitely want to do those. From what I’ve heard there are car ferries going there as well (?). Thanks a lot for all the great info!

        • Alex Berger
          February 19, 2014

          I’m addicted to Scotland, so my answer there is yes =) it just depends on how much you enjoy wilderness. A large swath of Northern Scotland was emptied out in the Highland Clearings because sheep were viewed as more valuable than people. The result is some of the least populated countryside in Europe. The stone rings are also incredible and well worth seeing (more on the islands).

          The car ferries aren’t cheap – and only run certain days, so make sure to do a smudge of research on them, but there are usually a couple options depending on the city you’re looking at leaving from and the island you want to go to (eg Lewis/Harris or Skye).

          I haven’t had the chance to try it, but I was also surprised to learn recently that there are whale, orca and seal watching trips from the NW coast. Depending on timing, on the Orkneys and parts of the Cape Wrath you can also do puffin watching.

  • Ida Chiavaro
    March 1, 2014

    That video me feel like I travelled to Scotland and saw all the best attractions without the cost associated with travel – thanks

    • Alex Berger
      March 2, 2014

      Great to hear! Hopefully it didn’t satisfy your desire to visit TOO much though! It’s amazing in the flesh!


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